Monday, October 17, 2016

Late Posting

I had dinner and drinks with Mike from Random Thoughts in My Life last night. We had a great time filled with great conversation. It is always nice to meet blog readers and especially other bloggers.

I will be flying home tonight and should arrive in Vermont sometime tomorrow morning. There will likely be no post tomorrow. I might get one done while I am waiting at the airport, but no promises.

My granny is still in critical condition. Not much has changed. It looks like I will get back to Vermont, probably just to fly back to Alabama. Thanks for all your wonderful prayers and thoughts.


Michael Dodd said...

It has been a mixed bag for you lately, and I am glad there was a happy experience thrown into the mix. Life on life's terms, as I am often reminded by friends.

Anonymous said...

All good things for you and your grandma! The most painful death in my life has been the death of my paternal grandmother. She enabled me to be human. She loved me when no one else did. She listened to me when no one else did. Though I may have graduate degrees from meritorious educational institutions, though I may have a fairly high IQ, though I might have inspired thousands, nothing compares to the unconditional love that my grandmother gave me. She told me that I was worthy of love.

Whatever will come. Whatever pain you experience, know that you were deserving of love.

God's love, understood broadly, embraces humanity. Let it seep through you until you you know it.

You are a child of God. You are worthy.

Mike said...

Great meeting you! Safe travels!