Monday, October 24, 2016


I fly back tonight. At least tonight's flight back is a little easier than my flight down. It will still be hard to say goodbye to family, but I will see them again at Christmas. It looks as if I will get back just in time for the first snow of the season. The forecast shows snow for Tuesday. It was expected to snow yesterday but it looks as if the forecast changed, and I don't think they had any snow while I was away. Everyone tells me that this winter will be far harsher than last winter. We shall see.


Susan said...

That snow was delayed waiting for your return. Safe travels, Joe.

silvereagle said...

The winter may be harsh, but that young man in the photo will make it very warm and pleasant inside. Have a safe trip and keep the memories of your lifetime with you...

JiEL said...

My best friends, Serge and Daniel, live in Magog in the Eastern Townships not far from Burlington had their first snow two days ago.

Don't be surprised if you have some snow before us, in Montreal.
It's a question of altitude, the same as in Magog.

Here we had lot of rain: 10cm (4 inches) in three days during the weekend.
The among of rain we should have for the entire month of October,

Many rivers are too high for this time of the year and with the gusting winds we had, some towns had electric shortages.

Well, that is autumn with ups and downs.

Since the weather suddenly got colder, I have to make changes in my wardrobe to get warmer clothes and put away bermudas and T-Shirts etc..

Have a good trip back in Vermont.