Friday, November 25, 2016

Black Friday

Today, of course, is Black Friday. It means a lot of people are shopping today. I will not be one of them. First of all, I hate crowds. I don't mind shopping, but I hate the crowds of people shopping on Black Friday. I plan to spend the day inside watching movies or tv shows on Netflix. Then I will watch some football. Will you be shopping today? What will you be doing?


itsmyhusbandandme said...

The UK has imported Black Friday madness too. I actually saw a commercial for Black Five Days. As if one wasn't enough. Like you I'll avoiding shopping.

Susan said...

I am not an in-person shopper on the best of days, and this day is the worst. I do online shopping or through a catalog. And it's not even the crowds; I just hate going store to store looking for something I can't find. Better to shop in the comfort of my home. And, if I can't purchase from home, I make sure I know exactly where to get what I want before I leave my apt.

As for today, I will be going to the grocery store, taking a walk in the park, watching that same football game, and finally, ending the evening with a good book.

Marsha said...

I refuse to leave the house on Black Friday! We watched animated movies all day and ate leftovers. :) Did a bit of online shopping but other than that, nada. Haven't even gotten out of my jammies!!