Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Damn, Damn, Damn

How could America do this to themselves? I am so disappointed. I thought we had this won. We were going to have our first female president, and a good qualified one. The maniac couldn't win, but he did. I'm ashamed of my country, and I fear what is to come in the next four years.


Susan said...

I agree completely. As much as I dislike DT, I am devastated by the recklessness and foolishness of our citizens. I just hope the lesson that will be learned is survivable.

silvereagle said...

She was her own worst enemy. And, the American people saw through her schemes. half truths, lying, self important attitude, and cover ups at every turn and on every subject. Most of her associates were of the same cut of cloth. All together, these spelled doom.

Dave R said...

From what I've been reading, it was those ninnies from the rust belts of PA and Ohio who put him over the top!

Anonymous said...

THe damage to LGBTQ brought by the GOP majority and their agenda and leadership could be devastating.

Anonymous said...

Politics is a funny business.

JiEL said...

My Canadian heart is bleeding for you, American friends.

From this side of the north border, we are as devastated as you can be.

Lot of things between our two friendly nations will still be there. Trump cannot erase 400 years of friendship and share business.

Not only PA and Ohio did damage to Hillary but Florida was very deceiving too. So many latinos that could help her. What happened there?

A funny fact to point out to you.
Last night, the internet site of Canada's Immigration Ministry was overloaded with demands and had to be shut down. Even today, it's still offline.
Also the one of New Zealand did have to close for the same reasons..

As always and more now, your country needs the blessing of God.
God bless America to get trough those next 4 years of Republican wall to wall government: president, Congress and Senate.

Thank God, I live in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Who is "we"?

Why assume that all LGBtQ people share the same political
point of view?

Life is more complicated than that, as are we.

JiEL said...

@ anonymous,

I can more agree to what you say.

I have a «married gay couple» friends of mine that are «extremely» republicans and one of them told once that if he had Obama in front of him, he would kill him.
Not to mention what they told about Michelle Obama.

Not all LGBT are démocrates as you said as the same thar we saw how some latinos in Florida voted for Trump.
All isn't all white or black here.