Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I have a Facebook that I used to rarely check but since I'm so far away from home, it's the main way that I get news about friends and loved ones. Now I check it most every day because I want to know what's going on at home. The thing is, people post too much political bullshit. They will post articles against Hillary or tout how wonderful Donald is, and it drives me nuts. Nine times out of ten, if you look at the source of the articles posted to Facebook you find that they are from some bullshit source. Luckily I have a few liberal friends who post articles from legitimate news sources. I realize some people have a true hatred of Hillary Clinton, I'm not even her biggest fan, but my gosh look at the alternative. We've had some slimy politicians run for office before, but none as corrupt or as sleazy as Donald Trump. Though quite honestly, Bill Clinton could come in close, but he was just sleazy. Bill wasn't nearly as corrupt or as rich. Anyway, I'll be glad when this election is over with. I'm tired of political ads and I'm tired of politics being all over Facebook, because most of my friends are disappointing me with their political rhetoric. I'm with her, and that says enough.


mistress maddie said...

My ex was the chief of staff for a state politician, and he knows politics in and out. He says Hillary should win, and I think she will, but I am getting worried . There are too many nuts out there to just vote for Trump. I'm not a fan of either, but he is a complete male pig, egomaniac, and the most hot headed disrespectful ass!!! Talk about making America look crazy to the rest of the world. Worst then it already is.

Steve said...

They said the same sorts of things about Reagan, but it worked to our advantage as our enemies were afraid of him. The Iranians released the hostages on Inauguration Day. If Trump wins, the world will just have to adjust. Once he's in the Oval Office, he'll settle down, because he possesses respect for the nation. Something Bill Clinton, diddling interns in the Oval Office, has never had.