Thursday, November 3, 2016

Game 7

I didn't watch the World Series. I pulled for the Cubs, but it just made me too nervous to watch. So last night, instead of watching Game 7, I watched the Country Music Awards. It was the 50th Anniversary so a lot of classic country music people were on their. I enjoyed seeing Alabama, Alan Jackson, Reba, and many others in the first eight minutes of the show. The newer acts though were hit or miss. Some I thought were just awful. However, anytime I get to see Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum, it's a good night. He's so impossibly handsome and even more so in person.

The CMAs or the World Series, it didn't matter because I didn't stay up to see the end of either one. I just can't stay up that late and still get up and go to work. At least not go to work and be productive.


JiEL said...

The "World Series"....
In naming it that way, you USA people show how narcissistic you are about yourself.

In the same way that Trump is dreaming when he thinks HE alone has the TRUTH and can solve all USA issues by himself. He represents the REAL DEEP déplorables people in USA. The ones who are not so educated and aren't aware that outside USA borders there are other good countries.

Even calling yourselves «Americans» is offensive to us, Canadians and Mexicans who are also citizens of «North America» as you are.

As you, Joe, are so religious, I'm praying for the USA in these sad historical moments where you are on the edge of a so deep abyss.
Your HUGE dept and this election with two «worst» candidates ever is nothing to help you to come out of the crisis your into.

Joe said...

World Series includes Canada. Don't forget their are Canadian teams in the MLB.

JiEL said...

Yes but the name «World Series» was there way before there were Canadian teams.

Joe said...

Yes but it got its name (1903) when no one but Americans played baseball professionally. You can't put that on American exceptionalism. And 1903 was a very different world without political correctness.

Richard said...

Well, if you want to see a nude world-class pitcher, namely Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta, check out these images from the ESPN body issue: