Wednesday, November 16, 2016


I've recently been watching a new show on NBC called Timeless. There are several reasons this show appeals to me. First, I've always been fascinated with the idea of time travel. As a historian, who wouldn't want to travel in time and see things as they really happened. Second, one of the main characters is a historian. It's rare that a historian gets to be the exciting lead in something. Third, Matt Lanter (above) is one of the stars of the show. So far the shows have been fascinating. Small changes in history are shown to have a ripple effect and it's a mystery as to how or if it is even possible to put things correctly.

The show isn't perfect though. The changes to the timeline are hard to believe when there is no apparent connection to the events that are changed. Maybe this will be a mystery that is solved later in the series. Furthermore, the historian on the series is able to recall the dates of important events in history, no matter how insignificant. Historians have specialties, usually very minute items in history, but the historian on the show seems to be a master of all of history. Unless she's a savant, I don't see how she can know all these dates without doing a minimal bit of research, yet she seems to know dates and facts right off hand. The last thing that isn't perfect is that Matt Lanter seems to always be fully clothed. That really should change. He's a gorgeous man, and I want to see more of him.

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JiEL said...

I'm seeing this nice show since its beginning and, me too, Matt Lanter is one asset of why I like it.
Time travel was the subject of so many movies and shows and has always made me dream.
There was also a new serie, Travelers, with a similar subject of time travel, but I lost interest because it was not enough credible even if one of the main character is the star of «Will and Grace».

I'm very fan of these two new series: This is Us and Designated Survivor.

«This is Us» is such a heart braking show and, must also admit that Kevin character is so SEXY.. But the father is also very sexy and has a body to die for not mentioning his «bubble butt»..

«Designated Survivor» with Kiefer Sutherland has also my attention. As what is going on now in USA presidency election, this fiction is so interesting in showing how complicated it is in Washington to run a presidency and more when it's not an elected one.
All the forces ingaged around the president trying to influence him and even make opposition to his policies.

So many new series to see in this sad Autumn.

Did you see «MARS» from the National Geographic.
On the first episode last Monday it was just amazing to see how accurate they're talking about this next frontier of exploration for human kind.
The show goes from now, 2016 to 2033 expected date of the first human mission to our sister planet, MARS.
I'm eager to see the next episode.