Monday, December 5, 2016


I had put off watching the new Ghostbusters movie for quite a while because I was such a fan of the original when I was a kid. I've seen movies with Melissa McCarthy in them and she can be quite foul mouthed at times and I was afraid she might be in this movie as well, but she was a delight. I enjoyed seeing the cameos from the original cast as well. That was a real treat. Overall, I really liked the movie, maybe not as much as the original, but the original is such a classic. There are a lot of references to the original which I found funny and nostalgic. One other thing, Chris Hemsworth is sexy as hell in this movie. He doesn't need to take off his shirt, but he's got this whole Clark Kent look going that is just adorable. I loved when he's in that white t-shirt and dancing. He could dance like that for me any day.

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JiEL said...

Speaking about movies and politics....

Last Friday I was looking to my new DVD movie «Stonewall» (2015).
When I see these events from June 28 1968, must admit that your Gay Rights are doing ups and downs since 48years.

I know that it's not the same in some states but admit that your «religious» country is long to admit some rights to gays.
Looking to black rights we see that it's not yet acquired in some states,
And I'm not talking of latinos situation in your country.

My point is that as long as «religion lobby» and forces are ruling your politics, gay rights are at the mercy of bigots and twisted minds.

Thank God, I live in Canada.

PS. Stonewall is a movie all gays should see.
There is also that cute pie, Jeremy Irvine who is just superb in the character of that young man opening to his gay side and being rejected by his father..
It's in 1968 but again now in USA many gay kids commit suicide when they try to do their coming out.