Monday, January 9, 2017

Rogue One


I went to see Rogue One yesterday. My first impression was that it was good, but not great. Honestly, the more I watch Star Wars movies, I am convinced that the original three were by far the best and all the others just can't compare.

The more I thought about the movie, the more disappointed I was in Rogue One. The ending was dissatisfying. Such a disappointment. I like a movie with a happy ending.  Not to give this one away but it has a happy ending and at the same time doesn't. This movie leads up to right before Episode IV begins, so you know ultimately good comes from it, but it was still disappointing and overall depressing.

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Susan said...

I've seen episodes 1 - 6 only. After viewing #'s 1 - 3, I knew I wouldn't be watching any others. Definitely the original episodes 4 - 6 are the great ones. IMO everything else was made for filthy lucre. :-)