Friday, March 10, 2017

Mister Sister

After 11 years without a gay bar, Vermont has a new one opening tonight. Unless I have a relapse of some kind from my cold, I plan to be there. Mister Sister is the name of the new bar, it replaces a bar called Oak 45, which closed to be redone as Mister Sister. Instead of Burlington where you'd expect the bar to be, it is opening in Winooski. I've never been to Winooski, so this will be a first for me.

The new bar has gotten a lot of flack because of its name. Trans people in Vermont say that it is a slur on trans women. The bar owner says that it was meant to be inclusive of the whole LGBTQ Community. I do not think any offense was meant by the owner. If you google Mister Sister, you of course get the song, but it will also show a closed Miami bar by the same name. In my opinion, some people take political correctness a little too far. It's been 11 years since Vermont had a gay bar. Who cares what they named it. Let's go have some fun.


Anonymous said...

What is "fun"?

I've never experienced it.

I am NOT kidding.

Susan said...

Sounds like an excellent addition to Vermont. If/when you go, I'm sure you will have lots of fun.

JiEL said...

Burlington is a nice destination for us, Montrealers.

Must admit that since «Trumpty Dumpty» is in office there have been some issues for many people trying to cross the border.

For now they seem to stop for any reasons like your name looking like arab one, or the color of your skin.
Can imagine in the future that YOUR border patrol men will discriminate LGBTs too.

Now there is some hope because Vermont and N.Y State (Plattsburgh) are beginning to complain and are seeing their business going down as many Canadians, Montrealers, are not going shopping as much as in the past before January 20th.

Now, this opening is quite a nice thing for LGBT people in Vermont and shows that there are differences of view in some states of USA.
Every body knows it: the «Bible belt» and the central states are narrow minded and against LGBT rights.
As long as those religious states are doing their bad lobbying in Washington and in each of those states, LGBT rights will be at risk.

Even black civil rights are at stake in those bigot states.

I think that GOD, the REAL one, is more open minded toward ALL human beings.

Have fun and let us know how you liked the place.

Anonymous said...

I am expecting a full report!

Joe said...

The report will have to wait. My plans fell through for tonight, so I'll end up going another night.