Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Down Home

I went to the southern restaurant in Montpelier for lunch yesterday with a fellow southerner.  The food was good, but the yummiest thing was not on the menu.  It was our waiter. He was fine as wine. I'm pretty sure he wasn't gay but damn was he good looking. Jet black hair and black eyes. He was model worthy. Perfect white straight teeth and a bit of scruff on his face. I'd love to have gotten into his Fruit of the Looms.


JiEL said...

There are those moments of grace where you encounter some angels that can move your heart upside down.

Last Friday, my new boyfriend and I went to the Sushi Sata restaurant two blocs from my home.
Our waiter was that to «cute pie», Michael, the kind of 20ich young man with nice glasses circled in black that was giving him a classy and intellectual look.
For sure he was gay just by the way he was speaking and acting, my new BF and I were just arguing about his orientation. No way, HE was gay.

He was also very kind to us with a so «personal» and attentive service.

YOP! He added pleasure to our super nice sushi meal.

PS. He wasn't japaneese, a normal white guy.

Rex said...

You could have asked if they had bananas on the menu


Richard said...


I can't vouch for the hotness of the wait staff these days, but the next time you are in Montpelier DO dine at NECI on Main. It's the restaurant run by students from the New England Culinary Institute in Montpelier and is absolutely 5 star quality. I've eaten there several times and never been disappointed. Google it.


Joe said...

I've eaten there too and it was delicious.