Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Gay Haiku

I don't understand

You love it when I do that--

Wait, no.  That's Stephen.

Remember when I

Said I disliked oral sex?

I meant just with you.

My seventh birthday;

I weep at Barbie's Dream House.

How could you not know?

The salmon's divine,

But I'm afraid we can't stay--

I screwed our waiter.

He's gorgeous, witty

And stimulating.  Please, God,

Let him be a top.

EDIT: These are all from "Gay Haiku" by Joel Derfner. 


Susan said...

Excellent all. Thanks so much for sharing.

JiEL said...

Not sure about this being a real «Haiku»?

My dearest French friend, Franck, is a big fan of «Haikus» and as he told me, a Haiku is a VERY short poem, not more than 4 lines, to express the best essence of a sentiment or impression.

The poem here seems a bit to long to be named a «Haiku».

Susan said...

In response, these are Haikus. By definition a haiku is composed of 17 syllables set in 3 lines with a syllable spread of 5-7-5. By my count, all 5 haikus shown conform to that definition.