Thursday, April 6, 2017

I've Got Nothing

Other than Barry Manilow coming out, I've got nothing to say today. I've never much cared for Manilow, but welcome to the family anyway.

Also 100 years ago today, the United States entered World War I.


Susan said...

Neither item is "nothing," nor is that gorgeous photo. :-)

JiEL said...

With Canadians that were heroic at the Vimy battle in France on April 10th 1917.

In 1997, for the 75th celebrations, CBC aired a special show with a reconstitution of that great battle. The most interesting about it is that our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, was acting in the shooting of that movie.
Justin said that his grand father was in that battle and many relatives died also.
He did it to honor them.

Always proud of our so «cute» and intelligent Prime Minister.