Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Leave Me Alone

Politicians that is, not my readers. South Carolina and Alabama are both trying to pass a law that will make it illegal to get porn on and electronic device: computers, cellphones, etc. For a one time fee, you apply to get access back on your device, but you have to ask. I'm sorry but I love a little porn on my electronic devices every now and then and I'd be way too shy to ask for the filter to be removed. Porn to me is a private thing. It's where you can live out your fantasies through other people.

I'd also like these same politicians to stay out of my bathroom. I don't care if a transgender individual who is passing as their intended gender uses the same bathroom that I do. At the university where I work, we have a number of FTM transgender, not all have had all the surgeries and thus still have the biological functions of a woman. The reason I say this is because the other day I saw a tampon disposed of in the men's restroom. It did not bother me the least that I may have been sharing a restroom with someone who was born biologically female. And just for the record, many of these FTM transgendered persons are quite attractive and it would be hard to tell that they were not cisgendered men.

So my advice to politicians is this: leave me the fuck alone. I won't try to regulate your life and you don't try to regulate mine.


JiEL said...

If you were living in Canada this wouldn't no more be an issue for you.

Since in the 60's as M. Pierre Elliot Trudeau (father of our «gorgeous» prime minister Justin Trudeau) stated:"Government and politicians have no right or interest to see with whom you sleep in your bedroom...."

According with his respect for our private lives, he wrote our «The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms» that over rule any law in the country against any discrimination.

If you go on the history section, you'll see that PET was way ahead of many countries to give us REAL FREEDOM on our lives an protecting us against any discrimination. This charter was incorporated in our Canadian Constitution in 1982 and signed by Queen Elizabeth II.

On this, Canada and USA are very different countries in the way we treat our population and mainly our minorities.

When we, Canadians, are seeing what is going on since January 20 in Washington and in many «redneck states», we are mostly sad and discouraged looking how retrograde and backing off to the 50's and even the 40's your country is going back into those dark times for human rights.

Hoping your «God» will bless America enough to go through the next 4 dark years of repression and bad decision of Washington narrow minded president and administration.

♫Musique♫ said...

It's funny that many of these same politicians want to ban porn and come against the LGBT Community when they are the first to do porn, get a prostitute as well as have secret gay relationships. That law will NEVER pass.