Friday, May 5, 2017

The Beach

My parents are leaving Saturday on a cruise of the Gulf of Mexico. They are sailing to a couple of ports on the Mexican Riviera. I wish I was going on a cruise, really it wouldn't matter to where. I'd just like to be on a boat for a few days. But no cruise is in sight for me. I'd at least like to go to the beach. The closest beach is Cape Cod and that might not be too bad. It looks like, however, that the only trip I'll be making any time soon is down to Worcester, Mass. for a workshop. I go down on Tuesday and it hasn't been decided yet if I will spend the night or go and come in the same day. It's a three hour trip down and back, so that would be having me in car for 6 hours, not something I relish. Anyway, I'd rather go to the beach.

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Richard said...

It's still a bit chilly to hit the beaches on Cape Cod. The temperature in Provincetown today is low to mid 50's. You can watch the pedestrian action in Ptown though at Four cameras.