Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Trump Card

I have not talked much about America's (hopefully) soon to be ex President. The reason is that if I talk about all the things I disliked about the man, this blog would become one long sad political diatribe. I don't want that for my blog. My heart aches that this man is president. He's an imbecile and a low down rotten crook who lies with every word out of his mouth. I am still in shock that he won. I still can't believe America was so ignorant as to elect him. I understand that Hillary was not the ideal candidate, and I always thought Bernie could do better. I'm glad I got to hear Bernie speak in person recently. He's quite a dynamic speaker. Could he have won? We'll never know, but anything would be better than what we got. I hate that Pence is next in line because I think the man is a sniveling weasel who will do his best to unravel LGBT gains. The next in line Ryan is no better because he has no spine. Let's face it, America's leadership has gone to shit and our only hope is the 2018 midterm elections when we must make sure the  Democrats retake Congress.


Susan said...

Most of the time it feels like there are just no words to describe this presidential horror show. Thank you for yours.

JiEL said...

Thank you and congratulation to have expressed it in such a nice and direct way.

USA citizens MUST know that ALL over the democratic countries, we are very attentively looking to what is going on in USA.

IF your presidential election would have been done the same as in France, Hillary Clinton would be your president.
That means that your «democracy» is in pain. Must be renewed because it was written back in the beginning of USA.

I know that you are more into your religious believes but, just according to that, I think that you must stand against that evil man who is dismantling ALL good that is in USA by ordering HATE action against those who are the weakest in your society.

And that is what a real Christian has to be fighting for: for the ones that are poor and left over by the selfish rich leaders.
Jesus was so clear in his Gospel about it for Christians to LOVE and be charitable to those smallest of our fellow men.

Again, I think you did a very nice post here and be sure that here in Canada, our attention is one of hope that in USA there will be soon some REAL changes in the way things are so badly going.
Next election is already coming soon and according to surveys, Démocrates are gaining more because of what is going on in the White House.
Republicans are now, also, trembling and many are shocked and unhappy about there own president...

HOPE for that future.

silvereagle said...

Bernie Sanders? Socialism give away! Are you unfamiliar withe devastation of Venezuela taking place now after years of Chavez,inspired socialism followed by the actions of their ductator, Madoro, also called by some Mafuko? For over a month now the people across the country have been in revolution against socialism, at least 39 have been murdered. Cities around the world are having demonstrations in support if the movement. Think twice before espousing the ideas of Bernie Sandrrs!!

JiEL said...


I think you are a bit out of the track.

Here in Canada we live in a «social-democracy» and in Prov. of Québec, we care for our citizens with many social programs in which is our «universal health care» system and more.
Day care for children at $7 per day etc....

I think we are far away from what is going on in Venezuela here...

As bad capitalism, bad socialism is not better. There must be a certain balance of both of them. In USA, it seems like only MONEY talks and not the good of ALL Americans, rich and poor. Many Americans will be doomed because the Trumpty Dumpty new health care which is just to profite to insurance companies..

So, take care before judging ONE society by the word «socialism» which is nothing to do with «communism» as in old USSR.