Monday, June 19, 2017

Unproductive Weekend

For most of the weekend, I suffered from a major headache. It meant that a lot of things I'd planned to do, did not get done. I did a little bit of the housecleaning I'd planned to do, but not enough. It was also very hot this weekend which hampers me from doing much besides sit in front of the fans. Most Vermonters don't believe in air conditioning, and thus my apartment doesn't have one. I'd planned to go get an air cooling system, similar to an air conditioner but not quite one, however, my headache prevented me from making that trip to Burlington. Hopefully, this week will be more productive.


Adam said...

I've read about your regular headaches and wondered if you have had your blood pressure checked? When my blood pressure is I tend to get headaches. I've had them for most of my adult life and I thought it was normal until the doctor diagnosed High BP. Since starting medication I've had no more headaches.

Joe said...

Adam, I take two different blood pressure medicines to control my HBP and headaches. It tends to work most of the time. And the headaches are never as bad as they used to be. Now they are more of a nuisance.