Thursday, January 25, 2018

Sleeping In

I've got nothing new to report. The job front hasn't changed. There has been no news on the job hunt. My life is kind of boring right now as I wait for something to happen. So, I've got nothing new to report.

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JiEL said...

Maybe your life is boring but just listen to FUCK NEWS and CNN and you'll be getting some thrills to talk about.

USA is going backwards since «45» is in office and more.

What a clown you've elected in office that is making Washington looks like a real farce circus.

The entire world is watching you and many countries a laughing and those «sh*t holes» ones are raging and crying too...
This isn't going to get you more sympathy and don't be surprised if more of like 9-11 style attacks are coming to you.

When you spit up in the air, don't be surprised it will come down on you nose some time.
(Quand on crache en l'air, faut s'attendre à ce qu'à nous retombe sur le nez.)

Friendly yours from Canada, real land of Liberty.