Wednesday, February 21, 2018


One of the difficulties of doing a daily blog is finding something to talk about each day. The truth is I tried and tried to come up with something to talk about today,  it nothing was coming to me. I started to talk about a commercial I saw: But

Why does this man drink Diet Coke Twisted Mango? "Because if nature can't twist it," he says, "at least this can... can." ...Get it? Like the French dance... Never mind.

But I couldn't embed the video, so there was little point if you hadn't seen the commercial. However, the guy in it is so cute, not usually my type, but when he says, "Get it?" and smiles, he has the cutest smile.

I could also, of course, talk about the Olympics. Adam Rippon has become the star of these Olympics, and talk about adorable. He's just everything you'd want in one package. And can we just take a moment to contemplate Johnny Weir's hair. It gets more outrageous by the day. And don't get me started on his outfits.

Anyway, that's what's on my mind.


JiEL said...

Are you kidding?

With ALL what went (wrong) since the Parkland shooting, you could have so many subjects to write on.

ALL those (17) kids and teachers killed by a mentally hill young man and the lousy respond of your crazy president messy tweets about the FBI and more craziest and outrageous things going on now in USA.

I don't give a dime about Adam Rippon of other «sexy» USA's athletes went USA is such a mess country nothing to be proud of and barely more civilised than a banana republic.

BTW, it's such a pity to see on USA's news networks that you only show YOUR athletes and YOUR news about only YOU etc...
Even the weather forecasts don't even cross YOUR borders.

You reflect your own country by only looking to your own navel.

Open up to the world.
USA isn't the only good country in the world and even less now a days.

All my best from Montréal, Canada

Joe said...

I prefer not to discuss controversial issues on my blog. Me personally, I think there is no reason to have an assault rifle. I also think we have an idiot for president. The US isn’t perfect but neither is any other country.

JiEL said...

Yes, my country as many others aren't perfect, who is, but you must admit that ALL those killings in your country and most of all the children been killed is WAY OUT the limits of what some of those «none perfect countries» are dealing with.

Anyway, as I said, continue to look just into your own navel and live quietly and without any sensitivity to the others even in your own country.

You're part of the silent majority of Americans that let them surf on the wave.

Joe said...

You are out of line. Just because I chose not to make this a political blog doesn’t mean I am part of the silent majority as you call it. I vote, I advocate for gun control, and I do my civic duties. Just because I don’t discuss it on my blog doesn’t mean that I’m not vocal on the issue. I assure you I am not silent.

Anonymous said...

However strong and well grounded arguments may be, JiEL, they lose all force and conviction when presented in irate and personally abusive terms. Courtesy is the essence of debate and moderation, which can be deadly in its effect, the key to success in argument. Joe is not personally responsible for what is going on and it is his blog. If you, JiEL, are not happy about what is happening in the US (I notice that Canada is your country), then I suggest you start your own social media outlet to vent your feelings. Roderick

Susan said...

Astute, and beautifully-stated, Roderick.

JiEL said...

Thank you dear Roderick for your wise suggestions.

Maybe have I been to hard on our blog host, but I thought that I had to «shake» him a bit to awake him on what is going on in his country. Saying he had nothing to put here was making me questioning his awareness about USA's struggling for change or issues.

Yes, I'm a Canadian living in «peaceful» Montreal and with all what is happening in USA I'm afraid to visit you in the future.

So, now that Joe answered his way of viewing his blog, I can only respect his view on it BUT, isn't the «freedom of expression» an American right as much as in Canada?

It's when you shake some ideas on many sides that more positive outcomes are being found.

Best regards from Canada, Land of Liberty.