Thursday, February 22, 2018

What I Blog

I blog what I want to blog about. I like my blog to be mostly uplifting, about things that interest me, and hopefully interests you, my reader. I often don't write about things in the news because it's depressing. It doesn't mean that I don't care about what's going on. I do. I care deeply. However, I'm not going to harp on something simply because it's in the news. We all know that the current American president sucks. We all know that America has a problem with violence. Do I really need to harp on these things when my readers agree with me (or maybe you don't). The thing is, I have no desire to ignite a flame war. Internet trolls will always try to incite flame wars, but they just come off looking like idiots. I aspire to uplift not to put down, and I hope that of my readers as well. 

We have a guy that teaches transcendental meditation at our school. He always remarks on how calm I am. I try to project a very chill personality. I don't like to get upset and I try not to get myself into situations where I will lose my temper. Because trust me, I have a very bad temper, but I keep it in check. Instead, I try to stay positive. If this world were more positive and less negative, we'd have a much better world. Politics is a prime example of this. Politicians often run on what they are against not what they are for. Think how different politics would be if politicians were positive instead of negative. What a world we could be living in if more people were positive in their outlook.


Anonymous said...

Joe, see my comment on yesterday's exchange. I feel for you, Roderick

Joe said...

Thank you. I appreciate what you said.

JiEL said...

Well said and I'll be more positive BUT, when you mentioned «the world» politics to have to be more positive and talk more of what they could offer more for good things instead of negative views, you should say «my USA country».

USA isn't the entire world here and saying the way you said it is again showing that USA's people are only looking to themselves as the «navel of the world».

Yes, you can put whatever you want in your blog and this we can respect but a blog, for me, is a place to be able to have good exchanges of ideas as long that they're respectful.

From friendly Canada

Susan said...

Joe, IMO your use of the word "world" made perfect sense. The USA definitely has a myriad of problems that desperately need addressing. But...we are obviously not the only country in the WORLD that needs to make positive improvements.

Joe said...

I said world because I meant the world. It’s not just an United States problem. It’s a worldwide problem.

James Jan said...

I have learn there is a danger to internalize negativity while outwardly you remain calm. I hope you have an outlet to get rid of those bad things. As for the USA, despite its warts, it remains the greatest nation on Earth. But I am sadden by its decline.