Monday, March 19, 2018


Yesterday, I got in my car to go buy groceries, tried to start my car, and all I got was a clicking noise. I don’t know much about cars, so I called my dad. He said it was likely the battery. Luckily, my neighbor had jumper cables. This I know how to do. So I hooked the jumper cables up, she started her car, and then I tried to start mine. More clicking noises ensued. I also tried my little jump starter, but that didn’t work either. I finally broke down and called a coworker, who I know works on cars and asked for help. He agreed that it sounded like the battery, so he came over and we took the battery out. He took me to the only parts place open on a Sunday in this area, and I bought a new battery, the last and only one the parts place had that would fit my car. So we went back and put in the battery, I said a little prayer, and my car started up. Once it started I needed to drive it a little bit so, I went and did my grocery shopping.

By the way, I just paid off my car this month. Something was bound to happen.

P.S. Neither the neighbor or coworker comes close to resembling the guy above.


JiEL said...

This is like what happened to me on Saturday.

I had to change my car side of street because the city would come with huge machinery to remove the little snow left.
When I tried to start my old Kia Sportage 2007, it did just like yours. Click, click and then I knew I had a battery issue. Nothing new and must tell you that this battery was bran new.

My problem is that as I'm retired, I don't use my car much. It was parked there for more than two weeks so the battery lost its charge.

I called my son to help me and luckily, he had a power pack full charged.
He came and that did it. My old Kia started like a new one.

So, I'll have to be more careful and start my car to recharge the battery once in a while.

Anonymous said...

Joe, glad to know that is the auto is "paid" off (please, professor). I do hope that you have been able to get your head above water financially since moving to Vermont, Roderick

Joe said...

I can’t believe I misspelled paid. It’s fixed now. Yes, thankfully I have been able to keep my head above water since I moved to Vermont.

Dave R said...

Gee, and I was waiting for you to say it wasn't the battery at all, you just need to get jumped.

Joe said...

That’s what made it bad. I tried to jump it off but it wouldn’t work. The battery was too dead for it to do any good. I’m just glad it was just the battery.

Anonymous said...

Catching up on blog reading - I'm glad the car got fixed.

Any idea which video this photo is from Joe?!

Joe said...

It’s from Kody Knight’s first solo video.