Sunday, March 4, 2018

Jesus Loves Gays


Dave R said...

Isn't this the elimination of accountability?

JiEL said...

So still surprising that you're asking yourself such question.

If people, most of religious ones, stands their «God standards» based on human brain and thoughts that is why God's wisdom isn't seeing at its real scale.

God loves ALL living creatures no matter who they are.
LOVE is a concept altered by bigot ways of seeing the other that isn't in the «main stream» of supposed normal way of living.

Lowering God's will is so human short interpretation of the Bible, Gospel and Coran.
This leads the way to religion wars and inter religion hate and non tolerant to the other.

Must remember that LOVE is the HIGHEST and MAIN law God is showing to us ALL.

From there ALL is possible when you put aside any HATE.

Dave R said...

Oh, dear... someone has wondered off into the weeds.