Wednesday, March 14, 2018


When I went to bed last night, we had gotten nine inches of snow. Now I love a good nine inches, just not of snow. It was supposed to snow through the night, and I have no doubt that it did. To top that off, it is supposed to snow all day today. The news was predicting six to twelve inches of snow in total from this nor’easter. It looks like we will get more than predicted. Maybe it will slow down and lightly snow the rest of the time. I really wish that the school would close today. There are no students here because of spring break, so there is no reason to be here. We had three people come into the museum today, besides the three of us at work. One was our interim director and the other two were there on business. No one came to the museum to see the museum. No one will come in today either. The university’s excuse for no snow days is that we have to cater to the students who live on campus, but since they aren’t here, there is no reason for us to be at the university either. What makes it worse is that I will probably be the sole person in the museum today. One of my coworkers is in Florida on a family emergency. The second lives in Burlington and has an hour commute which can be quite treacherous in these conditions. The third coworker’s babysitter has the flu and so he may not be able to come in today either. I just wish someone would listen to me about closing, but the powers that be won’t.


Anonymous said...

Joe, just another reason for finding a new job as quick as you can. Roderick

JiEL said...

Dear Joe,
Seems your never happy of what is going on in your life.
Now and since you're in Vermont, you're constantly complaining about the location, your work and often about the weather.

YES there is some snow. My god, Joe, you're in NORTH AMERICA, and in the beautiful mountains of Vermont. You have to be more «ZEN» and take what is more positive about what you're living every day.

Snow isn't a big deal to us, Canadians, and I'd rather have a nice snow storm that makes the landscape in such a beautiful white decor than having those horrible hurricanes USA had in Florida or Texas and Louisiana last summer flooding all over and letting mud and dirty devastation for huge places.

So, take it easy, enjoy the beauty of the white snow and don't forget that in few weeks this snow will be melted away which isn't the case if you've suffered a big hurricane, tornado or flood.

It's also an effect of the global warming even if some Americans are denying it.

Susan said...

I can certainly understand the frustration and annoyance you are feeling about your area snow, especially with seemingly no need to be at the museum right now. I've lived in the NE all my life though not as far north as Vermont. I have always loved the majesty of fallen snow, even when I finally had to start driving in it. But the reality is: loving its beauty vs. trying to drive through it are two very different experiences. Being forced to deal with the potential danger and mess that can ensue is not the same as appreciating it from the safety of inside your home looking out.

I am sorry your powers-that-be are not more flexible in their thinking on this subject. I wish you all the best. <3

Dave R said...

Way back then, when I was in college, I lived on campus and the same thing held true back then. No matter how bad the weather, everything was open. Nothing was ever shut down. You'd go to class and sit there for 15 minutes, the professor wouldn't show up, and then you'd go back to your dorm room and drink beer. Some things never change.