Monday, June 25, 2018

A Couple of Things...

First off, I added a new feature to my blog. Each evening, I will be posting a “Pic of the Day.” I have lots of pictures saved and many of them will never match up in any way to a post I’m writing, but I still want to share them. So, there will be a new pic each day.

Second, tomorrow morning, I will be traveling to Washington, D.C. I have to go there on business. We are flying down, but because we are picking up some artifacts for the museum, we are driving them back up here to Vermont. It’s about a nine hour drive so we are going to start our trip back late tomorrow and get about two hours of driving in before stopping for the night. Then we will make the rest do the trip the next day. It’s going to be a whirlwind trip.

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naturgesetz said...

Sounds like a good plan.