Wednesday, June 20, 2018


One of my pet peeves about Vermont is the beards. Nine out of ten men here have beards. I don’t mind a little scruff or a neatly trimmed short beard, but what I can’t stand is a shaggy unkept beard. My grandmama (God rest her soul) hated beards even more than I do. I can at least take a neatly trimmed beard; she couldn’t. She even said there was no way Jesus had a beard, because she just didn’t like beards. She was funny like that. While nine out of ten men in Vermont have beards, the majority of them have bushy unkept beards. Some even rivaling Duck Dynasty beards. To me, it’s just disgusting. I like a man that is clean cut. A little scruff is okay on occasion, but I’d prefer a man to be clean cut. I may have a little stubble if I’m not going anywhere and don’t shave for a few days, but mostly, I shave everyday. Bushy unkept beards are a sign of laziness when it comes to personal hygiene, and I like a clean man. So, there you have it. My rant of the day.

Now the guy in this picture, I could definitely take. He may not have the slim cut body that I normally feature on this blog, but he's still cute. I love the nipple piercing, and he obviously likes cats. I even like his moderate hairiness. Yes, I could definitely go for him.


Susan said...

He's nice-looking. Certainly no troll. But in this picture, I like the kitty best of all. Thanks, Joe.

JiEL said...


I totally agree with you.
I have the same reaction for this awefull fashion of men with beards.
It's not because I CANNOT grow one being totally hairless even on my face but because like you, I find big untrimmed beard dirty looking.

I read a survey saying that 90% of 24 to 35yo men have beards.
Must admit that this is bad news for me.
Like that fashion of wearing ugly huge sport shorts, men with beards are not my cup of tea.
Too many have beards and an oldies with beards just look like dirty hillbillies.
Funny or more sadly, more the beard is long, less the men have hair on their heads.

At 67yo, I have ALL my hair, not much gray ones too, on my head and NO beard on my face.

Dave R said...

Beards are... fun