Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Halloween is the most fun holiday of the year. I won’t be dressing up this year but, I will be handing out candy. I don’t know how many trick or treaters we will have. The weather is not supposed to be good tonight. Every year that I have lived here, we have had lots of trick or treaters. They wear some of the cutest costumes. I love seeing all the costumes. I’ve never given out candy here though because I live on the second floor, and I didn’t like the lady who lived below me who would sit out on the porch and hand out candy. Now I have a neighbor that I like, and we will hand out candy together this year. It should be a lot of fun. Isabella will sit in the window as decoration for the night. If I am downstairs on the porch, she generally sits up there on the window and watches me. Being a black cat, she’s perfect for Halloween.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joe, Enjoy yourself. You deserve it. Roderick

Dave R said...

My Big Dogs like trick or Treaters too... Taaaastteeee!