Monday, August 5, 2019

Pics of the Day

It’s National Underwear Day!


JiEL said...

So funny that you mentioned it….

August 5 I've just received a nice order of 5 nice undies (Andrew Christian like) some sexy white tight trunks made with «modal 95% + 5% elastine» material.
Very confortable, soft and cool too.

I ordered them from «China» and the price was very LOW and shipping FREE.
I know USA is having some issues with China but I couldn't have the same bargain ordering from a USA seller.
Many times in the past I tried to order stuff from USA on EBay but even if they were shipping to Alaska, Hawaï or even Australia etc... They often told that they don't ship to Canada. Some did but the shipping fees were such high that it did discourage me to order from them.

USA's sellers have to know why they often are not competitive against China and even other countries I order on internet sellers.

Adam said...

That first picture? Amazingly beautiful man who wears his undies well!