Thursday, November 4, 2010

In Mourning


The above image is of a statue known as the “Mourning Angel.”  After Tuesday’s election, that is the way I feel.  Only four of the candidates that I voted for won their elections.  Two were the only Republicans I will vote for, and the other two were unopposed.  I find that terribly saddening.

There were several elections around the country that I found to be quite upsetting, but one in particular I found to be truly tragic.  Congressman Gene Taylor of the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi lost his re-election bid, only because he was a Democrat.  Taylor was probably the most conservative Democrat in Congress, though make no bones about it, he was a Democrat.  For 21 years he has worked tirelessly for his district.  During Hurricane Katrina, when his house was destroyed (his district is the coastal district of Mississippi), he was one of the most vocal politicians about the slow reaction time of the government to help the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  He was a tireless advocate of all of his constituents, and I doubt anyone could find anything disparaging to say about him other than that he is a Democrat.  In my opinion, Mississippi has suffered one of its greatest tragedies in its history.


Uncutplus said...

Yes, Joe, many of us are disappointed. At least the Democratic House representative in our district returned to Congress, maybe because he is so conservative, even voting against the healthcare reform proposal which pissed me off. But his GOP newcomer candidate opposition was a real nut case.

It will be very interesting to see if the Republicans will now break the gridlock in Washington and try to be bipartisan -- somehow I doubt it. I'm still surprised at how many Republicans were elected given their overall poor ratings & the tea party candidates that were not elected.

I can only hope that the youth of this country will someday overturn the backwards thinking with their open minds. Keep teaching those young minds how much power they hold in returning the United States to a progressive society.

fan of casey said...

Joe: Hawaii resisted the conservative way. Hawaii voted out a republican representative and replaced him with a democrat. We also elected a new democratic governor who at least supports civil unions and most the legislature returned intact, which means the outlook for civil unions next year is very positive. The vocal religious extremists beat their chests and threatened the politicians but it ended up being empty threats; most lost.

The larger issue is how to mobilize the apathetic youth of today; they let the old geezers dominate the political direction of our country.

Bobby said...

I'm with you Joe...but none of the candidates I voted for won. From Congress on down to our local election, the GOP swept. Disappointing night.

JoeBlow said...

Uncutplus: sadly too many of our Democratic Reps will not be returning to Congress. I'm glad yours gets to.

FOC: I am very glad that Hawaii resisted the conservative bandwagon. Maybe there is still some hope.

Bobby: I had three that won. Two were Republicans (yes, I know you are shaking your head as you read that), the other was a Democrat but was unopposed. It was a very disappointing election.