Saturday, February 12, 2011

Moment of Zen: Blue Plaid


His beauty just gives me a warm fuzzy feeling, and he looks so comfortable and content.


Jacob Woods said...

he does look ridiculously comfortable for being that attractive

Anonymous said...

Quite nice, as usual! Love the mussed hair, just my type...

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Wonder how hot he is with his clothes off :)

Wharton said...

He looks like he is waiting to be interviewed!

JoeBlow said...

Jacob, those guys always look ridiculously comfortable, because they are so good looking, LOL.

Jay, me too, he is just beautiful.

M@rvin, as hot as he is with clothes on, I don't know if I could stand it with his clothes off. He must have an imperfection somewhere.

Wharton, maybe, but I've never looked like that in an interview. Maybe it was a modeling interview.