Monday, September 26, 2011

Nude Equestrianism and Pot

First of all, I am not condoning or condemning the use of marijuana, however, I heard about this on NPR the other day, and found the whole thing fascinating. The Chu Valley between Kyrgyzstan and Kazkhstan is the home to an extremely hardy type of marijuana that resisted Soviet-era efforts to stamp it out. Law-breaking marijuana farmers in the region harvest the crop normally, but they also procure their stick-icky using a tried and true method that’s been around for centuries: nude equestrianism.

Every August, naked horseback riders descend on the Chu to gather resin for a highly concentrated form of smokeable marijuana known as “plastilin.” Plastilin is so potent that a few pieces the size of pinheads will get the user proper goofy. Explains Radio Free Europe:
It begins with a freshly showered person riding naked for hours on a clean, washed horse inside a two-meter-high "forest" of marijuana.
Afterwards, the human body and that of the horse are covered with a thick layer of resin mixed with sweat.
This produces a substance that is usually dark brown in color, which is then thoroughly scraped off the human and horse's bodies [...] But it is a lot harder to produce this form of the drug because you need more time to make it.
Imagine 10, 20, or 30 individuals running or riding naked in a field of wild marijuana. It goes without saying that they are more exposed and it is easier to catch them. Nonetheless, people do it and they have been doing it since time immemorial.
The substance produced and scraped from the penis could give a whole new meaning to the euphemism "smoking the pole."  Just a thought...

Source: io9


silvereagle said...

Such trivia!!
Useful at the next cocktail gathering for sure!!!
Love it :-) :-)

I recall from many years ago, the book, Iberia, by Michner. It has a photo similar to that posted here. And wondered then how good would it be to ride the plains in Spain in the nude---and it apparently is just not in Spain where one rides without the saddle wearing only the birthday suit. WOW!!!

queer heaven said...

I can't wait to tell my pothead freinds this story!

Coop said...

I never tried pot... but I do know how to ride horses.
And that rider is nice too :}

Anonymous said...

Alas, plastilin escaped by marijuana buying days of yore, but if I'd known how it was harvested, I think I would have visited the region in short order! (And of course, just to watch the harvest ;-).)

Peace <3

Theaterdog said...

Thanks Prof Blow,
These images will STICK with me for some time, the ones in my head I mean.
Always a pleasant, and interesting surprise in your class!

WARPed said...

Where do I sign up???



JoeBlow said...

Silvereagle, I love little trivial pursuits, and this is one of my favorites that I have heard in a while.

LOL, QH, Jay, and Theaterdog.

Yes, that rider is quite nice, Coop.

Andy, I'll be there with you to sign up, LOL. I'd just love to watch the process.