Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Official 2012 Olympic Poem


From starting gun to finish line,
electric nerves before you dive,
you are the minute hand on the clock,
you are the doubt,
the second thoughts -

You are the perfect parabola
of each envisioned leap,
the interlinking rings,
the ligaments, elastic lungs
Believe -

believe in the red-haired girl
with gold on her mind
one kiss chase and kicking leaves,
now a flame breathing to ignite another

full of chance as the National Lottery,
become the ones who reaches
deep inside for sky,
fights gravity like paper planes
and breathes.

The winners of Britain's National Lottery 12 Poets of 2012 Competition met in April from across the Britain in Birmingham to compile the poem, called Breathe, and was released on Tuesday 19th June 2012.

And now for a few more pictures of my favorite American gymnast, Jake Dalton:


fan of casey said...

Joe: Gymnasts have to be small and compact -- but what they lack in stature they make up with beautifully proportioned bodies. He's yummy!

Jay M. said...

Very nice. The poem, I mean. Um, yeah, so is Jake!!!

Peace <3

dan said...

that is one HOT Okie boy! Hmmmmmmmmm... :)

fan of casey said...

Joe: Do a google image search for "Chad le Clos" -- good thing eye candy has no calories!

Anonymous said...

J'aime bien les petits mecs baraqués, comme les gymnastes, avec leur musculature compacte et ferme, même si parfois les jambes sont un peu faibles par rapport au torse. Ce petit gars ressemble un peu à Lucas Ridgeston, je trouve. Je regrette le tatouage sur le flanc droit qui gâche tout.