Monday, June 17, 2013

Man of Steel

More so than most anything, I have a bit of a Superman fetish.  Maybe it is the dream of being swept off my feet by a strong, handsome man, but it probably has more to do with the fact that the actors who play Superman in TV and movies are consistently some of the hottest men in Hollywood. Superman is not just a superhero. He's the superhero. He created the very concept of the superhero, and everything that's touched on that concept for the past 75 years — we are talking vast swaths of popular culture — exists because of him. Regardless of how you feel about Superman and superheroes, you can't deny the cultural impact the character has made.  Superman is an ideal. He represents our best self. That's what he's for.

Well, of course, I went this weekend to see Man of Steel.  Not only am I a Superman fan, but I have a celebrity crush on Henry Cavill, who I fell in love with when I fist saw how beautiful behind in the first episode of The Tudors.  And boy is he buffed up and beautiful in this new movie.

Man of Steel is so explosively loud and full of light speed action sequences, it might be the film that allows the blind to see and the deaf to hear again. It's apt then that Superman, reborn in 2013 by director Zack Snyder and co-writers Christopher Nolan and David S. Goyer, is presented as a Christ-like figure sent down from the heavens with the promise of saving every last one of us. The ambitious question the story poses is: How would Superman be received on Earth today? Would he be feared, loved, revered? The answer, according to Man of Steel, is all of the above.

This movie is a retelling of Superman, not really what I expected, but it is action packed.  I won't go into some of the differences, but if you are a Superman fan like I am, there is no way you can miss this on the big screen.


SEAN (Just A Jeep Guy) said...

But did you like it?

JoeBlow said...

Yes, I did like it. I thought it was pretty awesome.

Jack Scott said...

I couldn't agree with you more Joe. I've loved Superman since my comic book days. Oh, how I wish those comic books had survived.

A new 22 screen movie theater just opened on the west side of Houston. It is state of the art with digital sound and projection. The screens are wall to wall and floor to ceiling. Seats even move with the action. I can't wait to see the new Superman movie.

Jack Scott

Anonymous said...

he was a good choice for Superman

Amanda said...

I've always been a huge Superman fan. Can't wait until I can go see it!