Monday, October 14, 2013

Sleeping In...

I finally have a day out of school with nothing to do today.  Thank you, Columbus for landing in the Americas, even if you died thinking that you had reached Asia.  I will have to grade some papers today once I finally get out of bed, but at least I can grade with peace and quiet.  I can't believe that we've been in school for nine weeks already.  I have to catch up on my grading so that I can get all of my grades posted.  A teacher's work is never done.  However, I am going to enjoy sleeping late and cuddling with HRH this morning.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Columbus Day! 


MAC said...

I took the day off too. I try to sleep late, but my internal alarm clock holds me back. So, I'm here in bed catching up on my blogs.

My son is out of school today. We're going to lunch with one of his friends, then we're going to see Cloudy, With A Chance of Meatballs 2. It should be fun.


Robert said...

We don't take Columbus Day off up here. Sigh.

Enjoy your day off. I spent most of my weekend grading papers and I'm still not caught up. Oh the joys. Oh the joys.


JiEL said...

Today, in Canada, it's our Thanks Giving day.
Many are on holiday but we don't celebrate it like you do in USA.

As I'm retired, I'm ALWAYS in vacation now... LOL !!!

Hope you could relax even if your country is on the edge of «bankrupcy»... ;-)

Take care

Anonymous said...

I worked. Us 12-monthers don't get it off. Oh well, I take 3 days at Christmas and am off for 16 days at least!

Glad you got some extra sleep, that's always nice.

Peace <3

Rex said...

Ah the sweet lie in...

Soul Yaoi said...

Hope you enjoyed your day off!