Thursday, March 6, 2014

It's Bronchitis

I went to the doctor, and his diagnosis was that I have bronchitis.  He gave me antibiotics and cough syrup He said get plenty of rest, so I won't be back at school until Monday.  At least it's at the end of the week, so I have some extra time to recover.


MAC said...

OH, poor baby. Hubby, Jr. and I were all sick a couple weeks ago. It started with Hubby... bronchitis as well. Then Jr. came down with strep throat. I stayed home with him for 2 days. Wouldn't you know it, I came down with strep throat as well. We're all better now.

Take care of yourself!

Anonymous said...

Yick. Get lots of rest. Bronchitis is the pits!!

Damien Malachy said...

I had bronchitis my freshman year at Midwestern State Megaversity. Thought I was going to die! But I didn't, and you won't either. It was also a good lesson for me. I had a major project I was heading up and it came due in the middle of my stay in the clinic. People appeared out of nowhere and picked up the pieces and the event went on without me and was a big success. Sometimes I need reminding that it is okay to be sick and let the world go on.
Years later I ran across a short poem in which God tells a guy to just go to sleep, He can take care of the world for a few hours.
And will take care of you.

JiEL said...

Take time to heal well and keep you low profile..

Rest, rest, rest is the most important.

I had «pneumonia» many years ago. in full summer time and couldn't even go in a pool for all July and a part of August that year.
Me that just love to swim..

I was working to hard in that spring with teaching art in three places at the time and doing 4 exhibitions of my artwork in the year...
I was exhausted...

So, REST, REST. REST is a must to recharge your «batteries»...LOL!!

Keep up warm and calm.

EthanJM said...

Take care of yourself. Glad you're on medicine and will hopefully feel better by tomorrow. Love ya

Jay M. said...

No fun at all. Get well quickly.
{({({(Cellophane encapsulated HUGS})})})}

Peace <3

jlo said...

Sorry that you are not feeling well. Get plenty of rest and feel better soon, remember you are Loved. LOVE AND HUGS

Amanda said...

Hope you feel better and get well soon! Being sick is definitely no fun! :)