Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fell asleep

I fell asleep last night as I was getting ready to write my post for today, and I could barely keep my eyes open to type this.  Have a wonderful day.


crotchdiver1 said...

Buddy? 'Lil Bro? Me thinks you are trying way too hard in life. Balance needs to be found. Trust me Greg and I are not fairing much better - BUT - we just take life in measures. It's all we can do.

silvereagle said...

Burning the candle at too many ends....extinguish, or at least diminish, one of those flams, you choose which end.....and in the meantime, have that young stallion-want-to-be head to my bed tonight....need to light his candle fire!!!

JiEL said...

As a retired teacher, I know how the last months of the scolar year can be very hard on a teacher..

So, take some rest and aim the summer time vacation to recharge your battery...

Meanwhile, try to take it cool and posting here is not that important in regard of your teacher's task.

Your body is giving you a big «BIP».. Listen to his warnings..

(((( HUGS ))))

PS. I'd remain in bed with that cuty for sure... I'd be VERY lazy... ;-)

Soul Yaoi said...

Sweet dreams!