Saturday, April 26, 2014

Moment of Zen: Athletic Shorts

As the temperature becomes warmer, men begin to wear shorts out in public more often.  I happen to find athletic shorts (and bathing suits/board shorts) very sexy.  All of the women I know, find them disgusting.  One even calls them "wiener shorts."  But what do women know?  It's gay men who create the aesthetics in this world, and I find athletic shorts aesthetically pleasing and often quite revealing.  And lets don't forget how well they show off a man's best ass-ets.


silvereagle said...

Yes!!! I enjoy seeing the shorts like those in the photos (and even smaller ones as well!) and the guys who wear them so effectively.....

Anonymous said...

Yep, I love 'em, too, since they generally can't wear LESS in the summer time!

Peace <3

JiEL said...

I must tell you that I DON'T specially like those «large» sports wear.

I like «smaller» shorts and fine them «sexier»..
As any fashion clothes, it all depends on «WHO» is wearing them.

A big «billy» man is not very nice in speedo to see.
Some has to be more honest self judging and admit that their body is NOT made for this or that clothes..

Like for women, it's not because it's called a «billy-T-shirt» that you have to have a «huge» billy to wear it.. LOL!!

So, pardon me, but I defenitively don't like those LARGE ugly boardies or sports wear that hide the beauty of men's assets and bulge or package..

As Jay M. says, wearing LESS could be so much hotter BUTT, there also, not EVERY ONE can go naked nicely...

Have a nice Saturday

Robert said...

Baggy board shorts don't do a lot for me.


a well-fitting pair can do wonders for my imagination and libido.

Clothes do truly make the man.

Love the photos!

Anonymous said...

I love athletic shorts. So comfy and def revealing. Board shorts look great on thin guys if they fit well, are tight on the butt and aren't baggy. I agree that the clothing def makes the man. Wear what accentuates your best features and hides the flaws. That's why I'm wear a Tshirt and going commando in my athletic shorts right now. Great pics btw.