Friday, August 29, 2014

Jason Mraz

I was watching this week's "So You Think You Can Dance," and Jason Mraz was the musical guest.  I love Jason Mraz.  His voice is so sexy and smooth, and he's so damn cute.  I said that to a friend of mine, and he said Jason had to be gay or bisexual.  He said, "Jason Mraz has a cock tattoo tramp stamp.  What straight man gets a tattoo like that?"  I have to agree with him there, even though Mraz identifies as straight.

Mraz is a social activist whose philanthropic efforts span wide-ranging issues, including the environment, human rights and LGBT equality. In 2012, he was featured as the first-ever straight man on the cover of Instinct magazine in recognition of his efforts in support of LGBT rights.  The Jason Mraz Foundation was established in 2011, with a mission to support charities in the areas of human equality, environment preservation and education. Organizations supported by the foundation include VH1's Save The Music Foundation, MusiCares, Surfrider Foundation, Free the Children, Life Rolls On, the School of the Performing Arts in the Richmond Community, the Natural Resources Defense Council, and the True Colors Fund, which promotes LGBT equality.

In May 2010, Mraz attended the Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast, a 1000 person event to acknowledge the late Harvey Milk, and was so moved that he took to his myspace blog to talk about the importance of equality:
When I was in high school, I experienced being bullied. For whatever reason, there were a few students that enjoyed calling me 'f****t' as I walked thru the lunchroom. On one occasion, just before graduation, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and picked up a few punches, kicks and scrapes to add to my story. I never knew why the handsome lads called me names or felt the need to bully me, but it happened and I let their actions contribute a great deal to my moving away from that community. 
Shortly after the row, my best friend came out, sharing with his friends and family that he was gay. In my small town, this was uncommon and since then I’ve considered my friend to be the bravest man in the world. Aware of the hate within our community, I was afraid my friend might be inviting trouble to his door – but that never stopped him from being fully expressed. 
This is why I am actively seeking equality for the whole. When all of us are acknowledged as the human equals that we really are, there will be no space left for bullying. It will no longer be wrong to choose one thing over another. Equality and Separation cannot exist in the same space.

Jason has always been vocal about feeling like part of the GLBT community. He told British gay magazine Attitude back in July 2003 on his first interview that he knew “this gay guy who I became really good friends with. We really enjoyed each other’s company. I mean, I’d do everything with this guy- I’d sleep on his bed, drive his car, share every moment of the day with him. On Valentine’s Day we ended up in this really nice French restaurant and we looked like a couple. All of the sudden it dawned on me that I had been dating him for the last two months!”

When asked if he had a sexual relationship with this gay friend, Mraz added “He was a gentleman, though, he never crossed the line.” When the interviewer asked if he wished the guy had crossed the line, he answered “Mmm, I don’t know, maybe. The thing with me is that I can fall in love with anyone, man or woman, it’s what is their head that counts!”

Mraz is truly phenomenal.  I've mentioned the book The Return before, and Mraz's statement remind me of a passage from the book.  One of the characters has a theory that sexuality is becoming increasingly fluid and in several generations sexual orientation will no longer exist as people fall in love with people regardless of gender.  I don't know if I agree with that theory, but sexuality is definitely becoming more accepted, and I do believe a day will come when sexuality is not an issue and we can all be as open and free as we want to be.

By the way, if you have been watching "So You Think You Can Dance," I hope that you are pulling for the amazing dancer Ricky Ubeda.  He is incredibly sexy and, of course, talented.  I'm really rooting for him to win.


Coop said...

Thanks for the introduction to Jason. And yeah he is cute!

I admit that my knowledge of 21st century music is tenuous at best. (Although I am buying new stuff on i-tunes now).
In my grouchier moments, I wonder if a lot of the "popular" musicians even have talent.

I haven't been on the blogs much. Busy with work...

Anonymous said...

I am not a music 'freak' as many of my friends are. But from the time I first heard Jason Mraz' original hit, I liked the music. Then I found out that he is from the town I live in now in virginia.

I had not seen these comments from him, but am so happy to hear of them. I think I'm the same way.

I'd love to meet him in person. I think he would be a great guy to know.