Monday, August 18, 2014

MCM: Zac Efron

Last night, I watched 17 Again, a cute little movie with Zac Efron in it.  It's worth watching.  And while Zac may have some substance abuse problems, and I hope he's getting the treatment he needs, I still think Zac is one of the top ten hottest men in Hollywood, and gets better looking every year.

I knew immediately it was a hoax when I read that James Franco was the first to officially congratulate his brother Dave and hunky heartthrob Zac Efron on their newly-public relationship, posting a screenshot of an article confirming the new Hollywood power couple on Instagram.

“Effron [sic] and My brother, dating!!!!!!”, he writes. “Congrats, boys! I’m so happy for you!!!”
The news of Efron’s brand new relationship with his Neighbors costar comes less than a month after reports linked him to openly bisexual actress Michelle Rodriguez. It is also, unfortunately, totally fake.

But wouldn't they make a beautiful couple.  And Dave does seem to have his eye on "Lil Zac."


Anonymous said...

I second your MCM pic. But Dave Franco is just as yummy.

JiEL said...

Zac Efron is getting better and better while aging...

I have almost all of his movies..

Paper Boy, Charlie St Cloud are to see....
He is very cute and also very talented..

Did see him first in «Hairspray» and he was HOT but a bit too yongish looking..

Now he is more HANDSOME.....

Love him among many other hotty actors..


Anonymous said...

I liked him in 17 Again. Dunno about much else. He's reasonably talented, and not bad looking, but not really my type.

Peace <3

Coop said...

Oh man! Zac has been the inspiration behind more than a little bit of my "private time". There's a pic of him fully clothed with a straw in his mouth that...
*cough* *cough*

I think he did the right thing when he went into treatment. We all have our "demons". It's how we handle them that counts.