Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Return's Playlist on Spotify

Last week, I reviewed Brad Boney's book The Return.  The last time I got so excited over a book was Erik Larson's The Devil in the White City.  I read a lot and usually love most of the books I read, but occasionally one just speaks to me in a special way.  The Return did.  I loved how he interwove the stories together.  The coincidences gave me goosebumps, and of course, I now understand why.  As a historian and researcher myself, I love the amount of research and accuracy Boney put into his books.  So many authors just make up details or mesh together numerous details to create the perfect setting.  From what I can tell, Boney uses real settings and doesn't seem to compromise on the details.

Tuesday night, I wrote an email to Brad Boney thanking him for retweeting my review and for posting it to Facebook.  In my email, I mentioned how much I enjoyed reading about all of the music mentioned in the book, and would love to be able to listen to all of it.  I suggested that he make a playlist to share on Spotify.  (If you don't have Spotify and you are a lover of music, it is a necessary app to have.). Boney liked the idea of a Spotify list.  I was even more amazed that he sent me a follow-up email last night with a link for a Spotify list containing the music from The Return.

If you are interested in listening to the music, you can click the link below to listen to Brad Boney's playlist for The Return on Spotify:

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I do.  If you haven't read the The Nothingness of Ben and The Return, I strongly urge you to do so. You won't regret it.

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Anonymous said...

I lioved both of these books by Bras Boney and I'm looking forward to his next book. This playlist is awesome. Thanks for the link.