Monday, December 29, 2014

Game of Thrones

I am sure I am far behind on becoming a fan of the HBO series Game of Thrones, but I just got the first two seasons on DVD for Christmas.  I spent much of the weekend watching the twenty episodes of the first season.  If I subscribed to HBO, I'd probably have already seen the series before, but I don't so I had to wait to get it on DVD.  As soon as I watched the first episode, I knew I was hooked.  Now I need the third season and can anxiously await the fourth season on DVD in February.

If you are not familiar with the HBO series,  it is an adaptation of A Song of Ice and Fire, George R. R. Martin's series of fantasy novels, the first of which is titled A Game of Thrones. I've never read the novels, but hope to one day.  The novels and their adaptation derive aspects of their settings, characters and plot from various events of European history. A principal inspiration for the novels is the English Wars of the Roses (1455–85) between the houses of Lancaster and York, reflected in Martin's houses of Lannister and Stark. Most of Westeros, with its castles and knightly tournaments, is reminiscent of High Medieval Western Europe.  I am not an expert on Medieval Europe, but I have been fascinated by Medieval England since I took a class on it from a woman who I consider to have been one of the greatest history professors to ever live.  She was also my mentor until her death, and she encouraged me to continue my study of history.

That being said, Game of Thrones has many redeeming qualities.  There are a massive number of characters to keep up with, but the male eye candy is tremendous.  With gay knights and nobles, there is a bit of gay sex thrown into the mix.  The male nudity is not nearly as numerous as the female nudity, but each time it appears on the screen, it is well worth it.  Amazingly, or maybe not so amazing, the most well-endowed actors tend to show frontal nudity, but there are plenty of male backsides to enjoy as well.

Game of Thrones star Finn Jones stated the obvious in one interview: There’s “not enough hot gay sex” on the show.   Jones plays Loras Tyrell (pictured on his back in the above screenshot), a rather unique character for American television.  He is unreservedly gay, but fierce as any other Westeros warrior.

Actor Kristian Nairn is best known as the dim-but-loyal Hodor on Game of Thrones.  His character carries a crippled child around and only utters the word Hodor.  Hodor is said to have giant's blood in him and by the looks of his nude scene in season one, he's a giant in more ways than one.  But more interesting than his prodigious member is that he is openly gay.  In an interview he said of being a gay man, "I had an upbringing to respect other people’s privacy, and their right to be and choose what they want, and I expect—no, demand—no less for myself. It’s a very small part of who I am on the whole, but nonetheless, in this day and age, it’s important to stand up and be counted. I have and always will stand my ground. So, yeah, people have been great, on the show, but I don’t see why it would be an issue."

If you enjoy semi-historical television with a mix of fantasy, Game of Thrones is well worth watching.


Bodhisbuddy said...

While I've not watched the series, I had started reading the books. They are exceedingly well written and I'm sure you'll enjoy them. They, like most books translated into visual media, are much more complex and involved than what you'll watch. Therein lies what I see as the biggest problem of the series. Martin is so busy dabbling as a consultant that I have serious reservations in his ability to finish the written work. When I stopped reading after the fourth novel, he was still adding major plot arcs and, to date, I don't believe he's resolved any. He was still introducing 'major' characters in book 5. Sadly, I won't allow myself to continue reading the series until he finishes the work (if he can). As I understand it, the author is fiercely protective of his intellectual property and has made it all but impossible for someone else to finish from his notes (ala Tolkien) should he die before it is complete. So be warned that starting the series is likely to be as satisfying as masturbation without climax.

Jay M. said...

I'm going to have to bite the bullet and watch this series. It's nearly $40/season, so I will be slow at it. But everyone who has seen it and mentioned it to me says it's great!

Peace <3

JiEL said...

I saw the first season on TV and bought season 2 & 3 on blu-ray.

I recorded the season 4 from HBO and kept all the episodes on my numeric recorder.

Now, I'm eager to see the 5th season.
Game of Thrones is ONE of my favorite serie.

NOW more, I'm waiting to see LOOKING season 2.

Have a nice Holidays