Saturday, December 27, 2014

Moment of Zen: Reading While on Break

While school is in session, I usually don't have much time to read for pleasure.  I do plenty of reading, but it's usually school related reading.  So when I have a break from school, I usually have a long list of books to read, which I love to do.


Susan said...

Hi Joe,

I hope one that you get a chance to read while on break is the third book in the Lane Hayes "Better Than" series, Better Than Friends. :)

Jay M. said...

I've been reading like crazy and also working on ham radio projects! All mentally stimulating!!!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

I relieved Margaret Atwoods's new novel for Xmas. Also have Michael Cunningham's Snow Queen to read - all while trying to finish the first draft of my next novel. :)

Happy New Year!