Monday, February 9, 2015


On a day that I should be able to celebrate: Alabama is expected to begin issuing marriage license to couples today (if Clarence Thomas doesn't grant an emergency stay before 8 am).  However, I seem to have the flu.  If it's not the flu, it's a very bad cold: coughing, headache, body aches, fever, congestion and nausea.  Ugh!  I guess I will be spending this morning in the doctor's office.

FYI: It was confirmed to be the flu.


Susan said...

Sorry to hear this, Joe. With body aches this does sound like the flu. Glad you are going to the doctor right away. Take care.

Anonymous said...

Doctor up and take care of yourself!!!!

Amanda said...

Get better soon! Rest and eat some chicken noodle soup. ((Hugs))

Jay M. said...

Ugh. At least you get a few days freedom from the classroom (and wind up irretrievably behind, no doubt).

Peace <3