Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Trying to Recover

I'm supposed to be well enough tomorrow to go back to work, but last night I was still running a fever of 101.  Since my doctor did confirm it was the flu, he prescribed Tamiflu.  It seems to be working, as I do feel better than I did, but damn that stuff is expensive and my insurance doesn't cover it.  Luckily, I had some money stuck back.  It seems that every time you save, some emergency comes up.  At least though, I am at a point where I can start saving little by little.  Anyway, hopefully there will be no more fever today, and I'll be feeling better tomorrow.


silvereagle said...

Stay in bed. That will help as much as anything
Thus variety is long lasting at least the one I had but survival can and will be achieved!

Susan said...

Definitely stay in bed as much as you can. Rest and fluids cannot be overemphasized. Take care, Joe.

Jay M. said...

I sure hope so!!!

Peace <3

Amanda said...

The flu has been so bad this winter. Get plenty of rest and don't overdo it too much. :)