Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Ever Wonder What a Cat Thinks?

I rarely do extra posts in a day, but this is an exception. One of my cats (Edith) has gotten to where she likes to sleep on the shelf in the bathroom with the towels. It always wakes her up when I go in there to pee, and she always looks at me strangely. I saw this the other day on Yummy of the Day Blog, and as she looked at me, I thought of this picture. The thing is, Edith is a bobtail, and she always seemed jealous of the other cats' tails, so I'm think she's jealous of my "tail," you know, the one that's on backwards. Let's just hope she never decides to attack my "tail" like she does the other cats. So I often wonder what goes through a cat's mind. Edith usually lets you know, because she is the most vocal of my cats and when she wants something she is very persistent and always gets what she wants.

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Marsha said...

You can see their little minds working! They are a lot smarter than some people give them credit for. We have 4 and 2 are really spookie smart! :)