Saturday, June 20, 2015

Moment of Zen: Sexy Tweets

I have a confession that I've never really made a secret of on his blog, but I really enjoy porn, not to the point of addiction, but I do enjoy it.  It can be a great stress reliever, or at least it leads to a great stress release, if you get my drift.  There are always some porn stars that I really like, and follow on Twitter.  Troy Ryan, who is above and below (back and front), is one of those.  Troy reminds me of a guy I knew back when I was in graduate school, except that Troy is gay, and the guy I knew wasn't.  I swear though that they could be twins.
Besides following Troy and some others and getting sexy tweets like these pictures, I also sometimes get notifications of when a lot of people I follow have favorited a tweet.  Sometimes those tweets are sexy selfies, sometimes similar to Troy's and sometimes not as explicit.  However, when one of these comes up, it always brightens my day a little.  I hope these pictures of the sexy Troy Ryan brighten yours like they did mine. 

P.S. Doesn't he have the most perfect little butt?  I think so. The rest ain't bad either.


Susan said...

Yes & yes. *sigh* :)

Unknown said...

Oh yes, my friend, oh yes.

Peace <3

Amanda said...

Mmm...hmmmm. Yes!