Thursday, June 25, 2015

Six Flags

My niece really wanted to ride roller coasters yesterday, so I took her on the Georgia Cyclone first. The Georgia Cyclone is a wooden roller coaster that is a mirror image of the original Coney Island Cyclone, but ten feet higher.  If you've ever been on a wooden roller coaster you know they will nearly shake or beat you to death.  There isn't a damn thing fun about them, which is why I took her on that one first.  It cured her of wanting to ride another one, most of which she was too short for anyway.  That may be a bit mean and sneaky of me, but they give me vertigo, make me sick and usually I end up with a headache, so better to go on one then have to ride them all.
Silvereagle, yes, it was hell.  The heat index I'm sure was over 100 degrees, and by the end of the day, it was thundering and lightning and most of the park closed down, so we went back to the hotel.
Susan, my mother and I have had this discussion of not volunteering me for things without my knowledge.  I made it absolutely clear that this was the last time I'm going to Six Flags.
Michael, yes, I do cherish these memories with my niece, and more importantly she cherishes them too.
JiEL, it is particularly nice that my niece loves it so.  Her aunt on her father's side insists on taking her to Disney World (which I cannot afford), but the nice thing is, she has said on numerous occasions that it much more fun to go to Six Flags with me.
Jay, it's getting harder for me to fit in some of these rides too.  Have you ever seen Gabriel Iglesias talk about getting on rides and seeing how many clicks they can get on the safety bar?  It is too funny. His amusement park stories are some of his funniest.
Amanda, people watching truly is the most fun, even if the outfits that some of these people wear makes you want to gouge your eyes out.  Example:  big woman with too many rolls of fat in a neon green shirt that was soaking wet and leaving nothing to the imagination, with short shorts on.  However, there is one major reason to enjoy amusement parks and people watching: many, many hot guys!


Michael Dodd said...

RE: the hot guy-watching opportunities. God always rewards us for doing a kind thing. And He does good work, doesn't he?

Joe said...

He most certainly does, Michael.

Susan said...

Hi Joe,

I'm glad you were able to get through it all in one piece. I'm sure you and your niece have racked up some good memories from these trips, but now that you have made it "absolutely clear that this was the last time I'm going to Six Flags," you need to stick to that resolution. In any case, how could either your mother or your niece enjoy a situation that gives you vertigo, makes you sick and potentially brings on a headache. I think you've been a martyr to the cause for long enough. It's time to start thinking of your own well-being. You and your niece can surely find other ways to bond. Good luck and rest up today.