Monday, June 8, 2015

Taking It Easy

I think that I'm mostly going to just take it easy today.  Have you ever taken one of those very fun vacations where you did a lot of sightseeing and had a great time, but when you got home you were pretty tired?  Well, that is me right now.  I had an absolutely wonderful vacation in Louisiana, but I'm exhausted. So, I'm going to take it easy.  I will fill out a few job applications and take care of a few things that I couldn't do while on vacation.  Mostly, though I'm going to rest and relax with my little girls.  
Several people have asked how my kittens are doing, so here's a quick update.  The girls are great.  They've grown so much, and they will be a year old next month.  They are incredibly sweet but very opposite one another. Lucy is very shy, and Edith has yet to meet a stranger.  Lucy is more subdued, whereas Edith is rambunctious.


Michael Dodd said...

Taking care of oneself is crucial when involved in things like a job search. And a soft transition back to regular routines after a vacation sounds wise to me.

Thanks for the photo of the kittens!

Susan said...

Welcome home, Joe. I always have to recuperate from vacations; never plan to return to work immediately. Decompression is always built-in at the end. You are definitely doing the right thing.

So glad for an update on "the girls." My goodness have they grown! Seems like just yesterday we were seeing adorable kitten shots. :)

Amanda said...

Glad you had a great time on vacation! I agree with the others that relaxing after a vacation is always needed. I like to take at least a day or two to rest up. And your kitties are still adorable! :)

Unknown said...

And that guy in the top picture is bloody awesome! HAHAHA

I, too, enjoy down time after a great event. Sadly, I seldom get it, though I try to time return trips so I get home on Saturday. At least I'll have Sunday!

So glad you had such a wonderful vacation!

Peace <3