Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Queerty published an article the other day titled, "Jesus Had Two Dads: Guys Share What It's Like To Be Gay And Religious."  I clicked on the article because I thought it would be be interesting.  Instead I was disgusted and outraged.  While the pictures like the one above with the text were posted on Whisper and many made excellent points in my opinion, the Queerty article chose to deride and belittle people because they held religious beliefs. To make the article even more detestable, the commenters were so bitchy and chose to make fun of gay people who had religious convictions. While a few tried to comment in the defense of religious gays, they were completely attached by other commenters. It's one thing to not believe, but it's another to call someone a fool because they do. I think everyone has their right to believe or not, but no one on either side has the right to belittle me because of what I choose to believe or not believe. I tried very hard when I was a teacher and teaching about other religions to get my students to not think of other religious beliefs as crazy, but to try to understand other religions and cultures.  As gay men and women, we don't like people judging us for our sexuality, so why should we allow for discrimination against those who are religious or have a different skin tone. People need to quit being so judgmental. If they would do that we would have a much better and far more happy world.


silvereagle said...

It is good to see that you are on the mend and able to post again as you have in the past my friend. I am confident that your many other followers are of the same mind. The road of life is smooth, but only in short segments. You are leaving one of the roughest spots you will travel. Hopefully some more smooth travels await!

dl.miley said...

I also read that article and had the same opinion as you. In many articles I have read on the internet over the years, I am appalled at many comments from both sides that seem to become a battle of words and insults from opposing viewpoints. I feel one of the biggest problems people have is the lack of understanding or acceptance of each other. Many people are also unwilling to take the time needed or are they willing to want to understand someone else when the other people do not believe as they do.

Happyman said...

I am 20 years older than you and a former christian. My journey to my state of unbelief has been interesting to say the least. I have come to this very happy time in my life as a result of much research and many conversations with very intelligent people. I'm comfortable and sure of my "non-belief" status.

I feel you have just as much right to your belief in Christianity as I do in my rejection of it.

It's only when one of us tries to convince or shame the other because of their beliefs that the problems start.

I enjoy your blog very much. So sorry for the loss of your friend.

JiEL said...

I totally agree with you.

Sometime, those bigots forget that God is more «intelligent» than them.
God is Love no matter who you are. That's the point they aren't putting in front of their selfish way of thinking.

Just looking how the Catholic and other religions are putting women as second class human beings: I'm Catholic, not much practicing, and to see how the Vatican treats women it's still not putting them as EQUAL as men.

Not surprising that LGBT are considered as «second class» humans. Even not giving the «right» to be religious and believers.

As I always be saying and thinking, GOD and JESUS are way over those BIGOTS and are INCONDITIONAL LOVE.

You should stop thinking or wondering about what any of those bigots say.

Stick on JESUS'S LOVE for ALL human beings.

Amanda said...

People are allowed their opinion but when you start to put down and belittle someone that's unacceptable. I believe in God and know that he loves us all. And, in the end, love is all there is. Unfortunately some people don't know how to express their views without putting others opinions down. Don't let hate and bigotry get you down. I'm glad you're not afraid to be yourself.

Small Town Gay said...

Joe, I came across this blog while I was searching for different perspectives and different approaches to reconciling homosexuality with Christianity, specifically from a conservative Christian viewpoint. Your articles on the Church of Christ and homosexuality are very well-written, and I look forward to sticking around and reading your blog. We seem to have come from similar backgrounds and circumstances and neighboring states.

Also, I am so sorry for your loss. I can tell from your heartfelt posts how heartbroken you are. You are in my thoughts and prayers.