Friday, March 4, 2016

Do They Even Hear Themselves?

The Republican debate last night was a shit show. If they had let Kasich talk more, he would have won the debate hands down. He stayed calm and made his points.  I won't say they were always good points but at least he didn't try to talk over everyone else, didn't constantly insult everyone else, and he is the only one who looked mildly presidential. Quite honestly though, I don't think we want Kasich, because there are Democrats out there who do not like Hillary, and for those Democrats, they can stomach Kasich, who made that point last night.

How can anyone look at Trump, Cruz, or Rubio and think, "Hey, I like that man and I think he'd make a great president."? None of the three look presidential. None of the three sound intelligent. None of the three have government executive experience. None of the three act presidential. There is not one of them who should even be considering a presidential run, let alone the top three candidates left.

Here are my observations on the three. Trump is a pompous ass who is running a campaign like he's Hitler.  He even has his fat Nazi Goering, I mean Christie, to stand behind him and nod. Ted Cruz is creepy and he can't seem to be able to keep up with what's going on and can only seem to say, "Refer to my website." Rubio, since he's decided to throw insults back at Trump, looks like the dorky kid on the play ground who's only comeback comes out sounding like "Well, you're just're just a big ol' meanie."

These men are dangerous (Dangerously STUPID) and America needs to wake up to that fact.


Susan said...

All good points, Joe. The unfortunate point you left out is: the people who are voting for these candidates and esp. Trump, are also Dangerously STUPID; they don't care about these candidates' lack of qualifications or their inability to formulate workable, sensible plans. To them it's all just another fun reality show.

Michael Dodd said...

Susan makes an excellent point. Faux-reality television has had an insidious effect on our culture and it is apparent in the disaster of the Republican nominating process this time around. I refuse to believe that the people at that debate are the best the Republican Party has to offer the country. But I can understand why the best would refuse to be part of the schoolyard bully-fest the campaign has become.

Anonymous said...

Sadly your blog today rings very true - many outside of the US having been making that observation . Michael Dodd's observation on faux-reality TV is right on the money.

A " fortunate to be " Canadian

JiEL said...


I didn't see it but it's on every news on all Canadian TV...

From our point of view, those debates are so more like «cheap reality shows» with NO serious subjects on REAL national politics (except building walls around USA LOL)..

Only «assholes» bitching each other... This is very sad for USA image and, as you mentioned, it gives a VERY bad view on who could be president of the most powerful country in the world.

Very scary from up here: seeing M. Trump acting as Mussolini and taking some sentences from Nazi's leaders..

Are we in 2016 or in the beginning of 1990's?

In all that presidential campaign, even in démocrates candidates, I only see the «poorness» and a lack of quality of ALL candidates.
Even Hillary Clinton has some «ghosts in her closet» the deal with.

Are those candidates really listening to the REAL USA population?

In a «funny» way, a man from Cap Breton Island in Nova Scotia did advertise, on internet, that if you want to leave USA when Donald Trump is elected as president, Cap Breton is a nice place to immigrate..
I had more than 350 000 hits on his site for information on that possibility...

After Syrians (25 000 for now) will we be the host for USA «political refugies»?

Paul said...

I'm pretty sure I understand what you mean to say when you claim none of the candidates "look" presidential, but it immediately reminds me of what Trump said about Carly Fiorina earlier in the campaign. It is shallow, not to mention mean, to judge someone's worth or fitness for office on their appearance. I think it's a shame that candidates are allowed to appear on visual media at all. Voters would be much better served if all they could discern of any candidate were limited to voice-only or print media.

Nikki said...

Truly scared for our country.

Joe said...

When I say they don't "look" presidential, what I mean is that they don't carry themselves well and don't act like someone who anyone should consider a president. When I said "look" I did not mean their physical appearance.