Thursday, March 3, 2016


Fetishes. Most of us have them. A fetish is defined as a form of sexual desire in which gratification is linked to an abnormal degree to a particular object, item of clothing, part of the body, etc. Yesterday, I had five ways to embrace and enjoy your fetish. Today, I’m going to talk about my fetishes and see if they meet the test. I have a few major fetishes: Leather, Underwear and Uniforms.

Sexual self-discovery is a mysterious process, the only aspect of growing up that parents and teachers mostly leave children (if they’re lucky) to sort out on their own. The word groping works here. It’s you in the dark at first, maybe with props or pictures, and eventually with other humans, discovering over time—sometimes over a very long time—what gets you off, what turns you on. But how is it that you, being you, like this, not that? Why men, not women; why leather, not rubber; why briefs and boxers, not boxer briefs; why military uniforms, not domestic uniforms?

I love the smell of leather. I love the feel of leather. Why? I'm not sure, but that’s all I’m going to say on that subject. The same is true of underwear. I love seeing beautiful men in underwear, and I love wearing sexy underwear. While I like boxers and I won’t say that I hate boxer briefs, I do love briefs, sexy little briefs. However, I am not a fan of thongs, in fact I hate them.  They look and feel uncomfortable.  I do like jock straps though. If you are going wear underwear that shows off your assets, let them be framed like the work of art they are and not split into by a string. My fetish for underwear started when I was in middle school. It probably started with seeing guys in their underwear in the locker room or it could have been those fitness magazines which always showed guys in briefs.

As for uniforms, I love a military uniform.  Not really BDUs (battle dress uniforms, i.e. fatigues/camo) but dress uniforms. I love a man in dress uniform. I remember the first time I saw the uniforms of World War I, I fell in love.  The high collar, the Sam Browne belt, the high boots, and riding pants, what’s not to love?  The dress blues/greys (its according to which school) of military cadets is out of this world. The uniforms themselves are so beautiful, but the young men in them are just as beautiful. The same is true of civilians in tuxedos. A tux can make even the most ordinary of men look extraordinary. The same is true of dress uniforms. BDUs can look sexy on some men, but dress uniforms look sexy on all men.

So there are my fetishes.  What are yours? Don't be shy either.


Michael Dodd said...

The tricky bit of that definition, IMHO, is abnormal degree. Abnormal is a weighted term, in issues sexual often implying moral or mental disorder. If, on the other hand, one only means "less than or more than the average", then people who find leather less appealing than the average Joe (you, of course, are NOT an average Joe) might be considered abnormal, but there is little or no implication of moral or mental problems.

At any rate, I would guess from photos one sees online or in print, in mainstream and in alternative venues, that an appreciation of men in uniforms, leather and underwear (masquerading as swimwear at times) is pretty normal. I also find my interest piqued by cowboy drag (I suppose that is a uniform of sorts), white athletic socks (associations with athletic forms and locker rooms, and so perhaps linked to uniform and underwear) and ... do abs count?

Having raised (ahem!) the issue of abs, I mention that there are other physical characteristics that elicit attention. These are more difficult to describe: the arch of an eyebrow, the shape of an ear, the texture of hair.

Those may fall into de gustibus rather than fetish. I seem to find so many things delightful that I'm not sure that any are truly fetishes. The presence of one or the other may add to the experience, but none of them are essential.

Mike said...

My fetishes are bears, underwear, uncut guys, and guys smoking cigarettes... weird combos and taboo. Love a guy with the perfectly hairy chest. Underwear like briefs, trunks, and bikini briefs are my favs. Boxers are a no go. Now I don't smoke, but I find a man smoking super hot. Seeing a guy with a pack of cigs, lighting up, and not expecting a guy to smoke who does is hot. Hey, I know it smells, not something I have to deal with since my partner and I don't smoke, but its hot to look at guys who do.

SCalRF said...

I don't really have a fetish for a certain type of guy, for a physical object, or for an item of clothing. Instead, my interest falls on particular scenarios (and not any that exist in the realm of actual possibility). Basically, what I find most erotic lies in the zone between mind control and muscle growth/transformation. The crazy thing is, this is a thing that exists in many guys. There are erotic story archives and Tumblr blogs dedicated to mind control/muscle growth.

I tend to find muscle on guys hot, but I haven't had much real-life experience with muscular guys. Not sure if that would count as a fetish.

Blobby said...

I think leather and uniforms signal a certain level of masculinity - at least if done well. Ditto with a cigar in certain circumstances. Underwear of any type rarely does it for me. Though a well placed baseball uniform could do wonders.